available: Handshake at events

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Your visitors want to meet each other

Offer your visitors the ideal networking tool.

Handshake offers additional options for event organisers and network locations. Let visitors use the app to show that they are present at the event. That way, a meeting is even more interactive and offers your visitors an even better experience. In addition, your event will be found better by the target group.

Information concerning your event or location in the app.

You can place information concerning your event or location in the app with your own account at Handshake. You receive 90 days exposure, during the period that your event is taking place the visitors can meet each other on your event or location via the app.

Visitors find your event in the app

Visitors enter (as it were) your event as soon as they are nearby. They can then use the app to accurately target and find contacts they want to get to know right there on the spot. Networking is now easier than ever before. A network event without a Handshake will soon be unimaginable.

Possiblility of networking only for the invitees.

Your event only for invitees? Create an access code and send this to your guests. Only they will be able to register for your organized event and to make contact with each other.